How to Dress for a Night at New York’s Hottest Club

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Dress Code Tips for a Future VIP

If you’re planning your first visit to The VIP Gentlemen’s Club, you may have a few questions about what you should wear. Admittedly, the dress code that our beautiful performers follow is far less demanding than yours, but we don’t think you’ll mind. If you’re wondering whether you should dress as if you were going to a typical dive bar or strip club, the answer is no. At the VIP Club, we set high standards for our patrons. After all, you’ll be treated as a VIP—we want you to look and feel the part. Here are a few pointers to help you stay on the right track.

The VIP Club Dress Code

You’ll be happy to know that our dress code is casual, so you don’t have to dress like a GQ model to get through the door. However, we don’t want you to look like a bum either. Our beautiful ladies deserve to see you at your best, and once you’ve seen them, you’ll be glad that you’re dressed to make a good impression. Our definition of great men’s fashion is open, but we do draw the line when it comes to the following articles of clothing.


Yes, we know how comfortable they are, but this restriction works in your favor. You never know who you’ll meet at the VIP club, so you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed.


We just don’t think jerseys should be worn in a high-profile gentlemen’s club. Even the NFL agrees that jerseys belong in the stadium.

Tank Tops

A level of dress that falls below casual does exist, and tank tops are part of it. If you want to wear a tank top to the VIP Club, wear it under your shirt.


Trust us; our club is way too smokin’ for hoodies. You won’t need your trench coat or parka, either.


Your grandma was right. It’s considered bad manners to wear a hat indoors. Besides, why would you want to avoid making eye contact with gorgeous women? Don’t be shy.

Wear Socks So That We Can Knock Them Off

When it comes to adult entertainment in NYC, the VIP Club offers an experience that’s like no other. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a private party or just a night fun-filled night out, we have the performers, the ambiance, the facilities and the quality service to make it perfect. Visit our website to learn more.

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